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Nov 4

Tea @ Alive Tribes for Dia De Los Muertos

Serving tea and providing a sober beverage experience ! Join Alive! and the Leon Dream Vibe Machine for a celebration of DĂ­a De Los Muertos. A time to reunite the living with the dead in a joyful celebration of life and its cycles. A multisensory evening of MUSIC, MOVEMENT, ART, MINDFULNESS, CONNECTION. Drop in with sound scapes and musical tones from Animal Feelings and our community of talented musicians. Breathe your own medicine and relax into ethereal tones of sound healing and piano.

8:00am - 12:00pm AEDT

Paddington Town Hall Basement - 2 Oatley Rd Pattington, NSW Australia


Oct 29 - Oct 29

TAO 3: Tea, Calligraphy, Breathe

*Tao is the name given by Lao Tzu, that refers to the Source or Ultimate Creator of everyone and everything. **Tao Calligraphy is a unique form of calligraphy writing and art, created by Tao Grandmaster and world renowned spiritual teacher, healer and philanthropist, ~ Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha. Camellia and Madeline will guide you through the sacred meditative arts of Gong Fu Cha (tea ceremony), the tracing & writing of Tao Calligraphy (oneness art), and a new form of Pranayama breathwork.

1:00pm - 3:00pm AEDT

Soul Agenda Yoga Balmain, Sydney, NSW


Oct 28

Tea @ SKY: Sound Healing, Kirtan & Yoga

I'll be serving tea to ground attendees as well as having a small market stall selling some tea & wares. Come enjoy some time to connect to self and others while engaging in the blissful gentleness of peace with: + Sound Healing by Chaitanashree + Yoga by Goldy Das + Kirtan by Matra Te

4:00am - 7:00am AEDT

158 Australia St. Newtown, NSW Australia


Jul 15

Alive! + Leon Dream Vibe Machine presents Into the Wild

Hey babe, take a walk on the Wild side! Join Alive! and the Leon Dream Vibe Machine for a Wild Winter Rendezvousđź’« Come out of hibernation to feast in a multisensory evening of music, movement, art, mindfulness, and let your wild side out on the dance floor. Destiny Wolf will be your host and guide for the opening proceedings lighting up the night for you to arrive, breathe and express into bliss. Drop in with musical tones from medicine woman Ali Skiba, & other surprise community artists.

8:00pm AEST

2 Oatley Rd, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia


Jul 14

Nourish: A Cosy Chai, Yin, & Sound Healing Evening

Facilitated by Destiny Wolf who will be guiding you through a nourishing experience of connection, breathwork, yin, and sound healing. Miss Camellia Tea will be providing and serving comforting chai to assist you on your jouney. This is a "come as you are" evening. We encourage you to get extra comfortable and come in your pajamas so you can drift off into a blissful rest. What's included: - Welcoming Tea - Intention setting & sharing - Juicy Yin - Gentle Breathwork - Sound Healing

Jun 17

Sacred Road Presents SKY 3

SKY stands for Sound Healing, Kirtan, and Yoga. This event is a combination of 3 sacred practices designed for peace and well-being. We have exceptional facilitators holding space and leading their respective modalities. This culmination of practices profoundly supports deep relaxation and the space for healing to occur. I'll be serving a variety of chai & wellness blends to support your journey. There will be a small market stall with goodies. Enter my code 'TEA' for 25% off your ticket, $60

2:00pm - 5:00pm AEST

Harold Park Community Hall @ The Tramsheds


Apr 7

Leon Dream Vibe Machine

MEMBERS ONLY We are humbled and honoured for your presence, since you have been invited here by a beautiful human to an extraordinarily secret, cool AF locayy at an inner sydney film studio to help “Leon Dream” showcase new music and co-create a safe space for movement, connection & creativity with like-minded people. Leon Dream is a fresh musical exploration by Oliver Chang aka Animal Feelings & Murat Kilic aka The Planetts. We are delighted that you have opted in to help build our Vibe Ma

Mar 5 - Mar 5

Secrets to Manifestation Masterclass (with High Tea)

In celebration of International Women's Day to celebrate, support and inspire all the things women can achieve ! Esther will be opening up her entire toolbox of healing modalities, body and mind work, art therapy and more based on credible education and experience to get crystal clear on your vision. Miss Camellia Tea will be providing a range of organic, high quality, loose-leaf teas and herbal blends in exquisite cups and saucers for a classy tea experience. Free tea for first 5 bookings!

Jul 24 - Jul 24

Full Moon Retreat

I'll be offering a tea ceremony as part of this beautiful offering at The Sanctuary Australia lead by Alexis Hannagan. In this half-day retreat there will be opportunties for rejuvination and relaxation through yoga, breathwork, sound healing, sauna, ice bath, home-cooked meal and fire pit. In addition I will be serving tea, gong fu cha style for warmth, comfort and facilitating connection.

10:00am - 4:30pm AEST

Loftus, NSW, Australia


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