Honey Orchid Phoenix Dancong Oolong | Mì Lán Xiāng |


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Origin: Single family estate - Wudong Village, Fenghuan (Phoenix Mountains), Guangdong Province of China

Harvest: Spring, 2021

Elevation: 1497 meters above sea level

Quantity: 30 grams

Pheonix Honey Ochid Oolong ( known as Mì Lán Xiāng in it's native name) falls under the category of Dan Cong Oolongs and hails from the Pheonix Mountains of Guandong Province in South China.

Of all the Oolongs of the Pheonix Mountains, it is the most well-known and famous style.

Compared to other teas, this tea is a unique cultivar only found in three regions. The cultivar, environment, soil along with the skillful processing of the tea master brings out this unique flavour.

Compared with other oolongs, it is processed at a higher oxidation which brings out the delicious honey and orchid taste.

When you experience the wonderful taste keep in mind it's all due to the skill of the master who lovingly processed this tea into something so special and delicious!

This particular tea is direct-farm sourced from a family farm in small, seasonal batches.

The tea is harvested from the graftings of 80 year old trees and bushes growing in Middle Mountain (中山) part of the Wu Dong Mountains.

This tea is pure 100% loose leaf tea, without artificial flavourings and additives. Made by artisans.

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Some context on Dan Cong Oolongs:

Technically, an oolong in general is a tea that's been oxidised enough not to be a green tea, but that isn't fully oxidised enough to be called a black tea. The Chinese name "Dan Cong" translates to "single bush" or "single trunk" tea. Most tea leaves are grown on smallish bushes at ground height, but Dan Cong is picked from tall, independently growing trees.

The Phoenix Mountains' mineral rich soil, sheltered slopes, misty microclimate, and high altitude all make for a perfect tea growing environment. Even the indigenous fauna of the area is supposed to help in growing a tasty crop of tea leaves. Whilst tea grown in the Wuyi Mountains is said to have a certain 'yan yun', or 'rock charm', Phoenix Mountain teas possess 'shan yun', or 'mountain charm'. This 'shan yun' is believed to be partly derived from the high-altitude moss and lichen that grows on the side of Dan Cong tea trees.

Growing tea trees using this free-range, single tree method is said to be responsible for Dan Cong oolong's high quality. Because the trees are not regularly pruned to keep a neat shape, but are left to grow as wildly as they please, the plant is not “forced” and can grow as slowly as it likes. Therefore, minerals and organic substances are not unnecessarily lost to pruning, and can instead infuse the entire plant with their goodness.

Whether or not this theory stands up to the scrutiny of modern botanical theory or not, drinking wild tea is a lovely idea, and Dan Cong oolong is particularly flavourful.

Dan Cong is famous for possessing a range of very unique, singular flavour profiles, or sub-varieties within the Dan Cong category. Dan Cong groves are even planted according to their 'aroma type'.

What is truly amazing about Dan Congs in general is the complex and broad range of flavours and aromas from fruity, floral, creamy, roasted nuts and earthy without the addition of any natural or artificial flavours. It quite simply comes from the trees own essential oils, the care of the tea farmers and the master's processing methods.

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Aroma: Floral Orchids

Flavour: It is creamy and complex, sweet honey taste with hint of chestnut long-lasting feeling in the mouth.

Brewing method -

Amount: 5-7 grrams
Temperature: 95-100 degrees celcius
Water: 100-200 ml
Time: after first rinse, 10 seconds, then gradually increase by 10 seconds on each consecutive steep
Steeps: 6-8 times.

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