Big Dark Leaf Phoenix Dancong Oolong | Da Wu Ye | 大烏葉


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Origin: Wudong Village, Phoenix Mountains, Chaozhou, China.

Harvest: Spring 2021

Cultivar: "Shui Xian" variety of camellia sinensis

Da Wu Ye 大烏葉, known as Big Black Leaf Dan Cong Oolong, is one of the classic varieties of Dan Cong Tea, yet also one of the least known Dan Cong variety due to its very limited yearly production. Even moreso, lesser known to most western tea drinkers due to it's inaccessibility, lack of transparency and inability to experience yet has quickly become a favourite and most interesting tea in the store collection.

This tea is grown almost exclusively in Phoenix Village in the Wu Dong Mountains of Guangdong and was direct-farm sourced from a family farm in only a small, seasonal batch from this Spring harvest.

The tea is harvested from 80 year old trees and bushes growing in Middle Mountain (中山) part of the Wu Dong Mountains.

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Tasting Notes -

As with most dancong teas, the flavour is very complex that can unfold depending on brewing parameter such as temperature, amount of tea and water.

Appearance: It's name means "Big Dark Leaf" by local tea farmers, as it's leaf width is larger than other varieties. Medium-sized, olive green leaf with red edge.

Aroma: sweet cherries, yellow roses, banana and filo pastry

Flavour: Sweet creamy taste, floral and then aftertaste of ginger that hits the back of the throat like a ginger beer.

Body Sensation: Bright, warming, mellow and pleasant. Tingling mouth feel and heart-warming, gingery buzz. I have not found a difference in conscious state experienced depending on drinking in the morning or evening as with most caffeinated beverages or any particularly bent energy. Good for daily drinking.

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For those with adventurous palettes, the Dan Cong Oolong of the Pheonix Mountains and their 'mountain charm' are a must try!
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Brewing Methods -

Gong Fu Style:
Amount: ~ 5g per 100 mL
Temp: 95°C (205F)
First infusion: 20 seconds + 5 secs each consecutive steep
Number of infusions: 7

Bowl Style:
Amount - 2 g per bowl
Temp - 95C

Western Brewing Style:
Amount: No more than 0.8-1g per 100 mL
Temp: 95°C (205F)
First infusion: 120 seconds + 30 secs each additional steep
Number of infusions: 3

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