Phoenix Hong Cha | Red Tea | Black Tea


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Hong cha, or "red tea," is the original name for "black tea" (hei cha). This term is used in the East because, in China, teas are sometimes named for the color of their infusions. While black/red tea does have dark leaves that are nearly black, they produce a much lighter, much more red infusion.

In the West, teas are often named for the color of their leaves, and so black tea leaves refer to black tea.

This particular tea is noteable for it's bold flavour. Suitable for both Western and Gong Fu style brewing as it does not bitter easily.

Flavour notes include malt, woodsy, chocolately and slight hint of raisins.

Because of the bold flavours it can be paired well with many foods.

Suitable for morning or afternoon tea.

Qi or tea energy is very moderate creating a pleasant, alert feeling.

*Leaves can be steeped 2-3 times.

This small batch was harvested and processed by the same family that produces all the Phoenix Dan Cong Oolongs that I offer in my store but comes from different trees and processing methods.

Only a limited amount of this small seasonal batch.

Quantity: 50g

Harvest: Spring 2021
Origin: Wudong, Phoenix Mountains, Chaozhou, China.

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