Organic Hojicha | Roasted Japanese Tea


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Originating around 1920, hōjicha leaves are a deep brown colour, and often have a flakey appearance. Made from roasted green tea leaves to produce a nutty, slightly sweet finish and brews dark brown.

The aroma of hōjicha can be remarkably similar to the aroma of coffee, although it does have a definitively milder flavour.

Sourced from Uji from a JAS certified Organic producer. A popular tea throughout Japan, this low caffeine tea is ideal for an afternoon pick me up, or refreshing evening brew.

Brewing Instructions:

- 5g Tea in a Kyusu or teapot
- 30-45 seconds
- 90c (slightly cooler) Water

*Multiple steepings: For second steep only steep for 15-20 seconds as the tea leaves will be wet and infuse quicker. Third steeping can be longer at 60 seconds.

Serving suggestions:

- With milk or milk alternative for a hojicha latte
- sugar, honey or coconut nectar to sweeten
- shaved chocolate topping

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